Can I Use My National Trust Card At English Heritage Sites?

Do National Trust members get free entry to Kew Gardens?

Wakehurst is owned by the National Trust but managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Entry is free to National Trust members on presentation of a valid membership card however car parking charges apply as a vital contribution to RBG Kew’s plant science, conservation and horticultural work at Wakehurst..

Can National Trust members get into English heritage sites for free?

Yearly membership gives free admission to all the historic houses and gardens, industrial monuments and social history sites owned by the National Trust in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Members also get free parking in all Trust car parks.

Do National Trust members get free entry?

With National Trust membership you can currently enjoy: Free entry to outdoor places near you (pre-booking required) Free parking at most car parks near you (pre-booking required for a small number of car parks) Members’ handbook, full of information about our places.

Can I use my National Trust card in Australia?

Using your card in England, Wales and Northern Ireland You can use your card to explore over 500 special places across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Do Scottish National Trust members get free parking in England?

In all instances where parking barriers are enforced, these will be manned and you can show your membership card. While you won’t be able to scan your card in the NT ticket machines, you’ll still be able to park for free as long as you have your valid car parking sticker displayed on your vehicle.

Can I use my New Zealand National Trust card in UK?

You can use the code on the UK National Trust website here.

How much is National Trust membership for seniors?

If you’re 60 or over and you’ve held an individual or joint membership for at least five of the last ten years, you’ll be eligible for the reduced fee. You’ll pay £54 for an individual senior membership and if you hold a joint senior membership it’s £90.

Can National Trust members bring a guest?

Individual life and individual senior life members may bring a guest for free at our pay-to-enter places. If your new membership card says ‘+ guest’ after your name, you are eligible.

Is Windsor Castle free for National Trust members?

A walk through the peaceful meadow to the top of the hill offers breathtaking views across the Thames Valley. Don’t forget that if you are a National Trust member you can enjoy free entry to pay-for-entry properties, as well as free car parking at National Trust car parks.

Is Stonehenge free to National Trust members?

Please note: The Stone Circle itself is managed by English Heritage, however the visitor shuttle and visitor centre exhibition are free to National Trust members on display of membership card at the visitor centre ticket kiosk.

Do National Trust cards have photo ID?

There’s no photograph on it and although his name is printed on it, the National Trust staff never look at the cards that close and even if they did, I can’t imagine that they’d ask anybody for any photo ID. … It’s pointless for Central London as there’s only 1 National Trust place there (in Chelsea).

Can I use my Australian National Trust membership in England?

The National Trusts of Australia have reciprocal visiting arrangements with heritage organisations in other countries….Reciprocal Organisations.CountryReciprocal Organisation(s)United Kingdom (incl. London, Northern Ireland, Wales and surrounds)National Trust UK19 more rows

Do National Trust do offers on membership?

22, 2021. Update to v2 for free. You are using an outdated browser….Joint membership for just £120 a year at National Trust.Validitytwo adults (aged 18+) living at the same addressTerms and conditionsMore information is available on the website.

Does English Heritage cover National Trust?

The two associations preserve and protect historic buildings, coastline and countryside in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – in the case of National Trust – and for English Heritage it’s, well, just England.

Is it worth joining English Heritage?

Although joining English Heritage allows for considerable savings, membership is so much more than a savings card. … The following table compares what it would cost for an adult, a child and a family (comprising two adults and three children) to get into ten popular English Heritage sites around England.

Is Blenheim Palace part of English heritage?

As an English Heritage member you will also get discounted admission to lots of other properties around the country. These include sites like Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire (the birthplace of Winston Churchill) and the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire.

What is the difference between National Trust and English Heritage?

In conclusion, if you enjoy visiting stately homes and gardens and normally you don’t have any children with you, then the National Trust comes out on top. On the other hand, if castles and ancient ruins are your forte and you often have children/grandchildren in tow, then English Heritage is the better choice.

Where can I use my National Trust card?

You can use your card to explore over 500 special places across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Start planning your next trip today.

Can someone else use my National Trust card?

Will my membership card be scanned at all of your places? No. … You may visit some places where the visitor reception staff simply check your membership card and others where they scan it. All you need to do is present your membership card to the member of staff who greets you.

Can you visit Scottish National Trust with English membership?

With a National Trust for Scotland membership you can also use your membership to explore places in the care of the National Trust in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. … When visiting a National Trust property, it’s recommended that you bring both members’ membership cards if you have a joint or family membership.

Can I put my National Trust card on my phone?

Download the National Trust app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (phone and tablet) devices.