Question: How Deep Can You Pour Table Top Epoxy?

How deep can you pour epoxy?

For the epoxy to cure fully, the ambient temperature must be between 65°F and 80°F.

When pouring for larger projects, such as slabs or tables, do not exceed a pour depth of ½” to 1″ to prevent yellowing or excessive heat from the cure.

Step pouring with multiple layers will achieve the best results..

What is the best deep pour epoxy?

Reviews of 4 Best Deep Pour Epoxy ResinFGCI Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Kit. This one provides a very thin, low-viscosity resin casting which can be poured at a depth of 2-4inches. … Deck Wise – Wise Bond Deep Pour Epoxy. … Incredible Solutions Deep Pourable Plastic Casting Resin. … Naked Fusion Deep Epoxy Resin.

What happens if you pour epoxy too thick?

If your epoxy pour is too thick, the reaction can create too much heat, resulting in a product that does not cure properly with cracks or excessive bubbles. … The rule of thumb is if you can make an imprint with your fingernail in the epoxy you can pour again and the epoxy will chemically bond to the previous layer.

How thick should a resin table be?

As long as you pour in 1/8″ layers, you can go as thick as you like. The reason we recommend this thickness is two-fold: first, it allows the bubbles to escape properly, and second, it avoids any excessive overheating of the resin. So for best results always pour in a 1/8″ layer, and you’re good to go!

Why is epoxy so expensive?

Epoxy is generally more expensive than resin, due to its strength and formulation requirements. Resin is more popular for craft and jewelry making, due to its lower cost. … Epoxy is very moisture resistant, and certain formulations can even be applied underwater.

How long does epoxy table last?

How long should I expect my epoxy resin table/bar/counter/etc to last? If the wood was properly dried, and all factors are taken into account, this type of project can last indefinitely. It would not be out of the ordinary to have a 20+ year life without any major repairs.