Quick Answer: Can A Photocopy Be Used As Evidence?

What are primary and secondary evidence?

Primary Evidence is original document which is presented to the court for its inspection.

Secondary Evidence is the document which is not original document but those documents which are mentioned in Section.


Giving Primary Evidence is general rule.

Giving Secondary Evidence is exception to the general rule..

How do you prove secondary evidence?

Secondary evidence is evidence that has been reproduced from an original document or substituted for an original item. For example, a photocopy of a document or photograph would be considered secondary evidence. Another example would be an exact replica of an engine part that was contained in a motor vehicle.

Is secondary evidence admissible in court?

Secondary evidence without original documents such as certified copies, Photocopy etc. Secondary evidence admissible in the absences of the primary evidence. The secondary evidence is another source. … Secondary evidence is different without original documents such as certified copies, Photocopy, document partners etc.

What evidence is admissible?

Admissible evidence is any document, testimony, or tangible evidence used in a court of law. Evidence is typically introduced to a judge or a jury to prove a point or element in a case. Criminal Law: In criminal law, evidence is used to prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

What are the 7 types of evidence?

Terms in this set (7)Personal Experience. To use an event that happened in your life to explain or support a claim.Statistics/Research/Known Facts. To use accurate data to support your claim.Allusions. … Examples. … Authority. … Analogy. … Hypothetical Situations.

If you’re asking if a copy/pasted signature is a legally valid substitute for the original, the answer is no. In some circumstances, that would be a fraudulent signature – that is, a crime…

You should ask your employee to show you his or her social security card. The employee may show the card if it is available. You may, but are not required to, photocopy the social security card if the employee provides it. … You cannot require an employee to produce specific documents for I-9 purposes.

Can a Xerox copy be admitted by court?

As per the Evidence Act, the original of the document is called the primary evidence. A Photostat copy of a Xerox copy is in the form of what is known as secondary evidence. … This section further provides that in such a situation, any type of secondary evidence of the contents of the document is admissible.

What is a primary source of evidence?

Primary sources are documents, images or artifacts that provide firsthand testimony or direct evidence concerning an historical topic under research investigation. … The same document, or other piece of evidence, may be a primary source in one investigation and secondary in another.

What does the best evidence rule require?

The best evidence rule applies when a party wants to admit as evidence the contents of a document at trial, but that the original document is not available. In this case, the party must provide an acceptable excuse for its absence.

What are 3 examples of a primary source?

Examples of Primary Sourcesarchives and manuscript material.photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, films.journals, letters and diaries.speeches.scrapbooks.published books, newspapers and magazine clippings published at the time.government publications.oral histories.More items…

What is considered as evidence?

In legal terms, evidence covers the burden of proof, admissibility, relevance, weight and sufficiency of what should be admitted into the record of a legal proceeding. Evidence — crucial in both civil and criminal proceedings — may include blood or hair samples, video surveillance recordings, or witness testimony.

In short, it means that copies, microfilm, and other reproductions, documents are the same as physical documents and are just as legally valid.

What is the secondary evidence rule?

A reproduction of, or substitute for, an original document or item of proof that is offered to establish a particular issue in a legal action. Courts prefer original, or primary, evidence. … They try to avoid using secondary evidence wherever possible. This approach is called the best evidence rule.

What are 4 types of evidence?

There are four types evidence by which facts can be proven or disproven at trial which include:Real evidence;Demonstrative evidence;Documentary evidence; and.Testimonial evidence.

Can I make a photocopy of my Social Security card?

The only acceptable documents are Form I-551, I-94 with an unexpired foreign passport, or a Department of Homeland Security work permit card. Photocopies and notarized copies are not acceptable. They must either be originals or copies certified by the issuing agency.

What is tertiary evidence?

For example, articles and books in which authors interpret data from another research team’s experiment or archival footage of an event are usually considered secondary sources. Tertiary sources are one further step removed from that. Tertiary sources summarize or synthesize the research in secondary sources.

Are photocopies admissible as evidence?

Photocopies are secondry evidence. The primary evidence is the original copy which is admissible in evidence. However if the party states that the original is lost or is in possession of the opposite party and gives notice to produce the original, photocopy may be admitted.