Quick Answer: Is Melbourne More Populated Than Sydney?

Are there more jobs in Sydney or Melbourne?

There are more jobs in Sydney.

The job market is bigger but the quality of work and ‘talent’ in Creative and Digital in Melbourne is not that of a small country town, not even close.

There’s also more people looking for work in Sydney, the ratio of jobs to job seekers is important..

Is Melbourne more affordable than Sydney?

Melbourne is the world’s 103rd most affordable city, Sydney the 141st most affordable, and Hobart Australia’s least affordable and the world’s 250th most affordable.

Will Melbourne overtake Sydney in population?

Melbourne is forecast to overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest capital city in 2026-27, as Sydney’s growth continues to slow. Negative growth is now forecast for the Harbour City for the first time since 1952-53.

What is the population of Melbourne and Sydney?

Population change by capital cityERP at 30 June 20192018-19 (no.)Sydney5,312,16387,065Melbourne5,078,193113,480Brisbane2,514,18452,587Adelaide1,359,76013,9005 more rows•Mar 25, 2020