Quick Answer: What Human Flaw Does Tom Walker And His Wife Represent?

What does Tom Walker’s wife symbolize?

Tom’s wife can at least be said to represent greed or to be strongly driven by it.

This is evidenced both by the narrator’s initial description of her as miserly, and unable to share even the simplest of things with her husband, and by her later insistence on making the deal with Scratch to acquire the treasure..

What does the Bible represent in The Devil and Tom Walker?

Bible buried under the Mortgage When the devil arrives to take Tom away, Irving writes “He had left his little Bible at the bottom of his coat-pocket and his big Bible on the desk buried under the mortgage he was about to foreclose:” This symbolically represents the extent of Tom’s greed and moral decay.

What does Tom Walker refuse to become?

Summarize the plot. The Devil first asks Tom to be a slave-trader; he refuses because he is not that immoral. Tom agrees to open a broker shop and become a usurer for the Devil’s money. He builds a quick reputation as a loan shark.

Why does Tom begin praying and reading the Bible?

Why does Tom begin praying and reading the bible? He wants to escape the devil. Tom’s green spectacles may be symbolic of what emotion (think of the seven deadly sins). He only ever saw the greed and wealth in things and nothing else.

What do you learn about Tom based on his reaction to the loss of his wife?

What do you learn about Tom, based on his reaction to the loss of his wife? You learn that he cares more about material things than about people. What agreement does Tom Walker ultimately make with the devil?

What kind of person was Tom Walker’s wife?

As was mentioned in the previous post, Tom Walker and his wife are both greedy, cantankerous, miserable individuals. At the beginning of the story, Irving describes Tom’s wife as being “termagant” (defined by Merriam-Webster as “an overbearing or nagging woman”) and having a fierce temper.

What character traits does Tom Walker represent?

A “meagre miserly fellow,” Tom Walker is first and foremost outrageously, self-destructively greedy. He despises his miserly, abusive wife and has nothing to live for but the satisfaction of his desire for owning things.

What was the relationship between Tom Walker and his wife?

The relationship between Tom Walker and his wife is that they are very greedy. They are married but they don’t share anything and they try and steal each others stuff. She even scratches him when they fight and she is the opposite of the women back then. Who does Tom meet in the forest?

What do the devil’s trees in the swamp represent?

Describe the devil’s trees. What do they symbolize? The trees of the wooded and swamp area symbolized the land owners, slave drivers, and colonists that have taken the land from the Native Americans. They were all sinners that had made deals with the devil for their own greed and material desires.

What does the heart and liver symbolize in The Devil and Tom Walker?

The biggest omen in “The Devil and Tom Walker” is the appearance of Tom’s wife’s heart and liver tied up in her checked apron. The organs foreshadow the terrible consequences that accompany confronting the devil.

What does the horse symbolize in The Devil and Tom Walker?

In the exposition of Washington Irving’s “The Devil and Tom Walker,” the descriptions of the Walkers’ “forlorn-looking” house and the “miserable” horse that have “an air of starvation” about them indicate the insensitivity and the stinginess of the owners.

What happened to Tom Walker’s money at the end of the story?

What happens to Tom Walkers money at the end of the story? It is buried underground, under a oak tree. … The fact that the Devil is real and that you can do things for him for money etc.

What does Deacon Peabody symbolize?

The earthly owner of the swamp where Tom Walker meets Old Scratch, Deacon Peabody is more truly the devil’s property himself, hypocritically scrutinizing his neighbors’ sins and overlooking his own as he does.

How does Tom react to his wife’s fate?

Only containing a heart and liver, Tom responds to his wife’s death by simply stating that the Devil was most assuredly challenged by his wife. While saddened by the loss of the property, Tom finds that he would gladly give up the items since they disappeared with his wife. Tom is glad his wife is gone.

What is the irony in the Devil and Tom Walker?

The dark and humorous irony in this passage is that normally nobody would willingly wish to sell her soul to the devil, and that the only reason Tom does not go through with the deal is simply to spite his wife rather than any concerns for his own welfare.

Who is the antagonist in The Devil and Tom Walker?

And lastly, the devil, who first appears to Tom Walker as a woodsman he recognizes as Old Scratch, is Tom’s final antagonist.

How is Tom Walker selfish?

-The Devil and Tom Walker is almost written like a fable (but the characters aren’t animals), Tom Walker is a selfish greedy person, his greed leads him to sell his soul to the devil, and even though he begins to change his ways, Tom’s life of greed cannot be erased by simply owning two bibles.

Did Tom Walker deserve his fate?

Tom Walker does deserve his fate in “The Devil and Tom Walker.” He knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he made the deal with the devil that would make him rich. In addition, he is an unkind, miserly man who preys on the weakness and misfortune of others.